one of 'em is unlike th'others


prolix prozac

Between Cabal—Kabbal—Qabal-istic studies and the the empow'ring of the gash, there is room for a human being. Is CrushKillDecoy this human being? Is Robyn Spengler CrushKillDecoy? Read along, wanderer. Read along. Take that pair of wings from off thine eye first, so you might read along.


words, words, words

When we think "Romantic," we probably think the bastardized way. That is just fine. Take this here writer, though, and think of the connections between beings at, shall we say, the underground level, or in some cases the heavenbound level. Hard to remember which; only that it's either above or below what we see in life (not to either side). Break into the connection! Plunge a tap into it, drink of the milk, and be fed. Enjoy the following: words by collaboration of CKD and Schmuck, voice by Irons.

Your own welcome words travel best along CrushKillDecoy's conduit.