neoprene junebug

and other carapaces

sales pitching

for the beat generation

Why did Dan, Dan Carriveau decide to be a Twilight Person? This and this alone keeps a high-ranking member of the Federal Bureau occupied and we might add well-fed. Nevertheless and nonetheless, the Junebug himself avoids confusing the issue any further and does what he does. Take these words to heart:

talkie frames

occasionally motion pictures

Now this shy guy leaves a positive message hereabouts with his tape reel Salmon Pants or his numeric recordings of Severed Nerves Olfactory Jellotin Mission (under the pseudonym Fat Bernie's Discount Waterbeds—a move of questionable and therefore immaculate taste). Listen to the mouth just below for a sampling.

Not in music? Look, then, to his flask of video; Behold the instant of truth when the sodium binds to chlorine. When you are sated, belch toward his home town.