spaceman schmuck

the beautiful headfuck

name story

(social insecurity)

Joshua Beane legally changed his name to Joshua Beane, but he wishes he had chosen Spaceman Schmuck the Beautiful Headfuck instead. It is too late now, because the overarching G-Man Uncle Sam has him pegged. So he uses Twilight People as the portal to his re-chosen title.

dirty mixture

feel those grits in your crotch

Take a guitar. Make it cry. Then give it a kiss. Record that sound. Now you are a follower of Spaceman Schmuck. For a complete solo work, take Improvisations for Electric Guitar into your earholes. A number of those tracks appear in Schmuck's player below, along with one-off individual experimentations named "Destroy the Clones" and "Ballet of Sycophants."

This entity can hear your supplications on the ansible. You can read more into his thoughts on a tumblr (and bonus hidden band material!).
and from his Tube You and a write and phone place. Schmuck also has a RateYourMusic profile, tracking his favorite albums and what he is currently listening to. And you can totally cyberstalk him by following his StumbleUpon profile.

Marijuana, myth and truth.
Socrates is the man.
Hackers are freedom fighters.
Crime manufactures liberty.
All Authority is illegitimate and illusory. Abolish Power.
We appear to exist at one infinitesimal point among noise, perceiving a hologram we call The Universe.
With Chaos Theory, the quantum fluctuation at the Planck Scale, and the Holographic Universe in mind, this would seem to be the core guidebook to the most accurate attempt at understanding existence.
You either win or lose; it depends on how you choose, ultimately.
It will be necessary to deprogram your brain