Jason has no idea how he is going to get his assignment in on time. God, this always happens, he thinks. I screw off and have a good time listening to music and getting stoned and then I always end up under all this pressure.

Jason relates his basic quandary to his room mate, Seth. To which Seth replies:

you have no responsibilities.

well, having heard that Jason exploded into a white nuclear bloom, which destroyed the entire institute and everyone in it.

Elsewhere, as a flower grows from the ground, a small community of equal individuals springs up in the morning dew. In one corner, a voluntary class on phenomenology takes place. Two rooms over, a small group silently enjoys David Bowie's Space Oddity album, after passing a joint around. In the kitchen, a slowly modulating group of several people prepare meals with laughter and care, comprised of ingredients assembled by their own labor and love. And ever after did everyone only do exactly what they really wanted.

They also have really good internet access.