reckless illumination

do what you like.

NEWS:2013 02 25, new track "Superclassical" on our SoundCloud.

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twilight people

who are we? who are you?

The Twilight People create works of reckless illumination. Or, conversely, anyone who makes a work of reckless illumination is a member of Twilight People. Undoubtedly, you rail against this recursive and possibly all-inclusive definition. Who wouldn't?

However, if you desire something a little more concrete, who are we not to oblige you? (We are Twilight People.) We are only kidding. Twilight People is a collective. We drift in and out of each other. When enough Twilight People gather, perhaps the drifting ceases long enough for illumination to take place. The result is what you get to explore here.

The population of the group is concentrated in Portland, Maine, with the occasional contribution from vagrants of other provinces. Names like Spaceman Schmuck the Beautiful Headfuck, The Neoprene Junebug, CrushKillDecoy, Tom Lovehead, and many other wonderful collaborators swirl from our tongues.

from our hands

salvation through works

Perhaps you came here looking for a sample of our work, or even a complete specimen. Thus far, Twilight People have manifested themselves through sound. If you would like a recording, why not try the performance at Strange Maine in August of 2009? Or would you like a studio album such as There You Are? Although one is unlikely to believe that Twilight People built sound before they existed, take as final proof the prefigurative Here Comes Someone. Should you wish to hear a few tracks before you download, try the player below.

And if recordings aren't enough? Let us perform live for you. You may contact us if you want to book us, and we highly recommend you convince your local Performance Structure to do likewise. We will post news of performances when they come along.


or, we have summer homes

You stumbled upon the core. And the periphery? How exactly can you find us on your favorite sites?
What if we told you there is a MySpace page where you can hear more miscellaneous samples and read the latest, not to mention apply for our friendship?
Or what if you skip through Facebook? We still take care of you.
There is more and more!
Twilight People have pierced the audio/visual realm with a YouTube page.
Furthermore, we strive to move with the times, and now have a SoundCloud profile.
Each page has unique material, to reward your thorough examination.
Two-way communication is always possible (but perhaps not always likely) if you send us e-mail.